Bacteria-cyanobacteria associations are phylogenetically diverse

Determine the phylogenetic affiliation of naturally occurring conjoint cells via multiple displacement amplification and 16S rRNA sequencing.

Heterotrophic bacteria associated with Synechococcus:

γ Protobacteria, Methylococcales (91 %) 

α Protobacteria, candidatus Pelagibacter ubique (100 %) 

α Protobacteria, Rhizobilaes (99 %)

α Protobacteria, Rhizobilaes (99 %)

NBCI accession number of heterotrophic bacteria associated with SynechococcusJX489502-JX489503-JX489504-JX489505

Heterotrophic bacterium: KC758958.1

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Bacteria-cyanobacteria associations are phylogenetically diverse
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